NEW PORT for librdkafka

xoan carlos xoan333 at
Tue Jul 7 13:14:45 UTC 2015

Hi im trying to create and submit a NEW PORT for librdkafka. It compiles ok but it get installed in the stage directory (/usr/ports/devel/librdkafka/work/stage/usr/local/lib)  and not in /usr/local/lib. Any idea what additional step is needed to install it in the right directory instead of the jail environment?
the makefile is as simple as 
# $FreeBSD$
PORTNAME=       librdkafkaPORTVERSION=    0.8.6CATEGORIES=     devel
MAINTAINER=     youremail at example.comCOMMENT=        librdkafka
USE_GITHUB=     yesGH_ACCOUNT=     edenhillGH_PROJECT=     librdkafkaGH_TAGNAME=     25d8791
USES=           gmakeUSE_LDCONFIG=   yesGNU_CONFIGURE=  yes
post-install:        @${STRIP_CMD} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/lib/lib*.so.include <>

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