Selecting at least one option out of multiple groups

Elizabeth Myers elizabeth at
Wed Jan 28 09:31:17 UTC 2015


I am porting a piece of software (purple-plugin-pack) to FreeBSD. It
contains numerous plugins for Pidgin all under one pack (over 50). They
all compile, but I want to make it configurable which plugins are
installed, but it makes no sense unless at least one plugin is set. So
far I have the following:

8<========== snip ==========>8
OPTIONS_MULTI=    plugins
BIT \ ...
8<========== snip ==========>8

Which is fine and works as expected (at least one option must be
selected). However, here is my dilemma. Some of the plugins provide
additional protocols. I'd like to group them under their own section,
since there's at least 5 or so, and it's logical for those who just want
additional protocols without the other fluff.

However, out of the entire pack, only one plugin needs to be enabled at
all (including *or* excluding a protocol plugin). So, I am wondering
what the "correct" way would be to go about ensuring at least one option
out of two groups is selected. I hope I've managed to make sense here.

Elizabeth Myers

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