Sprinkling WITH_OPENSSL_BASE in ports, ratbox build failure.

Dewayne Geraghty dewayne.geraghty at heuristicsystems.com.au
Wed Jan 28 06:14:29 UTC 2015

ratbox generated an unusual error message today, via portmaster on a
10.1Stable, amd64 system

"Dependency error: this port wants the OpenSSL library from the FreeBSD
base system. You can't build against it, while a newer
version is installed by a port.
Please deinstall the port or undefine WITH_OPENSSL_BASE.
*** Error code 1"

Unfortunately there is no option to select port or base system per make
showconfig.  WITH_OPENSSL_BASE isn't defined, and the port is being
built on a fresh machine...
# cd /usr/ports/irc/ircd-ratbox && make -V OPENSSL_USE_BASE
but it isn't defined by my system
# cd /usr/ports/irc/ircd-ratbox && make -V WITH_OPENSSL_BASE
# grep OPENSSL_BASE /etc/make*; grep OPENSSL_BASE /etc/src*; grep
OPENSSL_BASE /usr/local/etc/ports.conf
# pkg info | grep ratbox

I use the openssl port for two reasons, firstly I select non-default
options and secondly it is way easier to update a port than a system. 
Typically we reboot an internal server when we need to replace the UPS
batteries, around 2+ years and external servers when a relevant CVE or
SA is issued.

However commenting out the recently inserted
from the Makefile enables the build to complete and uses the correct
crypto and ssl libraries.  Shouldn't it be an option base or port?  Or
is the openssl port going to go away?

 Regards, Dewayne

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