www/squid does not shutdown via rc

Yasuhiro KIMURA yasu at utahime.org
Mon Jan 26 16:05:53 UTC 2015

From: Marko Cupać <marko.cupac at mimar.rs>
Subject: Re: www/squid does not shutdown via rc
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 16:39:34 +0100

> Thank you for your reply. Where can those fixes be found?

It is in the svn repository of base system. Revisions are r275456 and
r275502. You can download them from following URLs. 


As URLs suggest, they are patch for stable/10. but can be applied to
source of 10.1-RELEASE if you select proper combination of current
directory and -p N option of patch(1).

> Also, is there a chance they will be pushed to freebsd-update?

I don't follow development of base system, so I don't have any answer
about it, sorry.

Yasuhiro KIMURA

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