[HEADSUP] Upcoming change in dependency registration

Stephen Hurd shurd at sasktel.net
Fri Jan 23 06:32:41 UTC 2015

Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> Hi all
> Some changes are coming to the ports, the diff is rather simple, but
the change
> of behaviour is worse notifying all maintainers:
> Currently and since very long the dependency registration in the ports
tree is
> based on the origin of the packages. which makes it unfriendly with
> Subpackages.
> The ports tree has been changed in the branch
> https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/projects/rework-dependency-registration/
> so now it basically do the same kind of mechanism which is done during the
> different -depends targets, which means it is passing through all the
> LIB_DEPENDS resolving the dependency pattern into a filename:
> libintl.so -> /usr/local/lib/libintl.so.8.1.2 then from that path
determine the
> package which should be registered in the dependencies
> it is walking through all the run depends resolving the dependency
pattern the
> following way:

Not sure if this means that if we link with multiple libraries provided
by the same port we should start adding explicit LIB_DEPENDS lines for
each one... also, it occurs to me that this information could possibly
be automatically extracted by inspecting the staged files, something
like the generate-plist target.

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