Poudriere Timeout

olli hauer ohauer at gmx.de
Mon Jan 19 19:46:07 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-19 20:18, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
>>>> Yes, i have. I've solved this problem by moving the build-jails of
>>>> poudriere to an memory disk. This make poudriere no longer io-bund and
>>>> incredibly fast. And solve this issue ;)
>>> How did you do this ? I want to try this myself 8-}
>> I've hacked poudriere to run within a jail.
> Aha, the .m mountpoint. My test host has 32 GB, so 20 GB should not be
> a problem.
> Testport: www/p5-Selenium-Remote-Driver on 10.1-amd64, 9.3-amd64 and 8.4-i386.
> Results:
> old: 00:05:43
> new: 00:05:11
> old: 00:01:56
> new: 00:00:12
> old: 00:02:11
> new: 00:00:14
> Nice!

Hi Kurt,

are you running PD also in a jail?

If not PD can be tuned by setting MFSSIZE *or* USE_TMPFS in poudriere.conf.

On my system I have good results with 8 concurrent builds and MFSSIZE=6G or 'USE_TMPFS=all'.
Fine tuning can be done with an additional SSD (look at `systat -iostat' during a build)


# When building packages, a memory device can be used to speedup the build.
# Only one of MFSSIZE or USE_TMPFS is supported. TMPFS is generally faster
# and will expand to the needed amount of RAM. MFS is a bit slower, but is
# more mature and can have its memory usage capped.

# If set WRKDIRPREFIX will be mdmfs of the given size (mM or gG)

# Use tmpfs(5)
# all       - Run the entire build in memory, including builder jails.


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