updating alpine port to new version (as a maintainer)

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Sat Jan 17 16:58:46 UTC 2015


> I am the port maintainer of the alpine port, nevertheless not a very 
> experienced one.
> The alpine mailer has recently been updated from 2.11 to 2.20 and I as a 
> maintainer would like to update the port to the new version.
> According to the porter's handbook I have to use diff to create a patch in 
> order to upgrade the alpine port. Is this correct?


Here's how I do updates:

I have


in /etc/make.conf. I copy the current port to some temp directory:

cd /usr/ports && tar cf - mail/alpine | ( cd ~/myp; tar xf -)

Then I modify the copy:

cd ~/myp/mail/alpine

# change version
vi Makefile

# fix distinfo, make makesum does this for mw
make makesum

# then I check the build and stuff on my test system (10.1-amd64)
rm -rf work && make check-plist
[ some iterations later ]

# I then test it with poudriere in three architectures:
# copy to the poudriere ports tree (~/pp in my case):

cd ~/myp && tar cf - mail/alpine | ( cd ~/pp; tar xf -)

# and tests:

for i in 10x 93a 84i
    name=`echo $port-$i | sed -e 's/\//__/g'`
    echo -n "$i "
    poudriere testport -j $i -o $port -n > ~/logs/${name}-${stmp}.txt

# if it works on all plattforms, I compare my changes to the old port:
cd /usr/ports && diff -r -u -N mail/alpine ~/myp/mail/alpine

This diff can be attached to the problem report in bugzilla.

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