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Fri Jan 16 18:14:34 UTC 2015

On 17/01/2015 2:51 AM, Patrick Powell wrote:
> On 01/15/15 09:00, Roger Marquis wrote:
>>> This sounds like you, like many other people have done in the past,
>>> have
>>> built an in-house solution based on the tools available at the time,
>>> which includes 'make package'
>> I wouldn't call it an in-house solution since the package target is a
>> feature of the ports infrastructure.  We simply 'make package' and
>> install other systems from the resulting package.
>> This does not, however, appear to be as well supported by portsng/pkgng
>> as it was in the previous versions.  Now it just exits with no message
>> and a 0 exit-code without creating the package unless you've created
>> /usr/ports/packages and/or specified one or more of WRKDIRPREFIX,
>> What documentation there is seems to be based on older versions (like
>> much of the FreeBSD website) and I haven't found anything on the
>> differences between 'make package' and Poudriere.
>> Roger
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> This is actually a side effect of the STAGING implementation.  The
> package file is put into the
> port (created) work sub directory.   Now if I could only find the
> documentation that tells me how to put, say,
> WORK_DIRECTORY=/var/tmp/work  into the /etc/make.conf file or
> something similar I would be
> a very (well, not so grumpy) happy camper.  I read this somewhere once
> but I cannot find
We have these in make.conf that may help with your research
WRKDIRPREFIX=   /var/ports
DISTDIR=        /usr/distfiles
TMPDIR=         /tmp
PACKAGES=       /packages
STAGEDIR= /usr/staging

which we've used for many years.  Only STAGEDIR was recently added.  Its
a great aid when you commence a rebuild to just
rm -R /usr/staging /var/ports/usr
Regards, Dewayne.

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