Roger Marquis marquis at
Thu Jan 15 17:00:14 UTC 2015

> This sounds like you, like many other people have done in the past, have
> built an in-house solution based on the tools available at the time,
> which includes 'make package'

I wouldn't call it an in-house solution since the package target is a
feature of the ports infrastructure.  We simply 'make package' and
install other systems from the resulting package.

This does not, however, appear to be as well supported by portsng/pkgng
as it was in the previous versions.  Now it just exits with no message
and a 0 exit-code without creating the package unless you've created
/usr/ports/packages and/or specified one or more of WRKDIRPREFIX,

What documentation there is seems to be based on older versions (like
much of the FreeBSD website) and I haven't found anything on the
differences between 'make package' and Poudriere.


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