sysutils/bbcp: Anyone interesting in helping upgrade this port?

Chris H bsd-lists at
Thu Jan 15 14:47:36 UTC 2015

On Thu, 15 Jan 2015 09:27:29 +0100 Kurt Jaeger <lists at> wrote

> Hi!
> > > So I won't be submitting the pr(1) until tomorrow.
> > OK killed all the errors, rolled up a release, and submitted an
> > svn diff. Please see the pr(1):
> >
> Testing @work.
> > The build still emits a fair amount of warnings. but none are
> > show stoppers.
> Indeed, very noisy 8-}
Linux-isms in/from errno.h && quoting issues in newer GCC's,
but mostly CLANG.
> > I'll eliminate all the warnings, for the next version.
> Will you report those upstream ?
As previously mentioned; upstream's code is fairly unmaintained
(messy). In fact, I removed over 3,000 extraneous new-lines from
one source file alone. Committing to maintain a port necessitated
performing a mass code cleanup. If they (upstream) will accept a
git push. Then we can still draw from upstream. Otherwise, I'll
be forced to either
1) cherry-pick from upstream
2) fork/branch && rename the port/project

After I squash the remaining warnings emitted, I submit a push
request, and see where it goes. But it will involve every file
in their source pool. So they may be reluctant. We'll see. :)

Thanks for the prompt commit, and attention to this, Kurt!
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