postgresql93 port and libedit

Dewayne Geraghty dewayne.geraghty at
Thu Jan 15 08:27:55 UTC 2015

On 15/01/2015 5:27 PM, Waitman Gobble wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that postgresql93-client port pulls in readline, which is GPLv3.
> When I get rid of readline in Makefile 'USES' and also change the
> bottom of the Makefile in postgresql93-server,
> ...
> .include "${.CURDIR}/../postgresql92-server/Makefile"
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-libedit-preferred
> It builds without readline and links against libedit in base:
> # ldd /usr/local/bin/psql
> /usr/local/bin/psql:
> => /usr/local/lib/ (0x800885000)
> => /usr/local/lib/ (0x800ab3000)
> => /usr/lib/ (0x800cbe000)
> => /lib/ (0x800f2a000)
> => /lib/ (0x801161000)
> => /lib/ (0x801385000)
> => /lib/ (0x80171e000)
> => /lib/ (0x801b16000)
> .. there's a link to gettext libintl but that's LGPL (2.1)
> Anyhow I haven't done testing with psql linked to libedit instead of
> readline.. There's some noise about this a few years back but I don't
> see anything recent. Anyone have any 'bad' recent experience with
> libedit? pitfalls? It might be good to have libedit added as an
> option. I'm working on an appliance and the readline dependency kinda
> messes things up a bit for me. Obviously other remedies beyond ports
> but I think it could be a nice option. Comments appreciated.
> Thanks,

Good catch Waitman.  And thanks for sharing an approach to avoid GPLv3

Though you've raised an interesting question as to whether the licencing
information displayed by "pkg info" is accurate where a port pulls in
mandatory dependencies that use a more restrictive open source licence.

Of the subset of ports that I use (servers only), the ports [licences]
that may be of concern are:  python27 [PSFL], mediawiki [GPLv2],
mysql56-server [from mysql web GPL], pcre [BSD3CLAUSE] also use readline
and aren't tagged as GPLv3 which they probably should as FreeBSD
metaports requires readline? 

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