Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Jan 14 16:18:16 UTC 2015

On 2015/01/14 15:34, Roger Marquis wrote:
> So one difference then would be that Poudriere determines which
> dependencies are run-time vs build-time and creates packages for those by
> default, is that correct?  I can see how that might be convenient for
> packages with a large number of dependencies (like sssd) but it also
> seems like a lot of additional infrastructure simply to build binaries on
> one host to be used by many.

Poudriere by definition will create packages for all of the build- and
run-depends, as it needs the build-depends packages itself in order to
build everything.  It builds everything in temporary jails which it
installs all the needed dependencies to, and then destroys after that
package has been built.

However, when you go to install a package from the repo, pkg(8) will
only pull down the run-time dependencies of whatever you choose to
install.  That means there are a good chunk of packages you simply don't
need to have on your production servers any more.

Yes, poudriere does a lot of stuff, but if you didn't use a central
builder, you'ld end up replicating all of that stuff onto every machine
you wanted to manage.  Poudriere itself can run on a fairly modest
machine -- it depends on how many packages you need to build and how
quickly you want them.  It's quite feasible to use poudriere for a
small-ish repo on a machine at night, when it is otherwise quiet, and
then use the same machine for something else during the day.



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