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Wed Jan 14 03:41:55 UTC 2015

On 01/13/15 20:11, Roger Marquis wrote:
>> The dialog option you talk about says:
>>   [ ] REPLACE_BASE    EOL, no longer supported
>> I'm quite sure the end-user you're talking about can get a clue from it,
>> and if he either already had selected it before, or he just selected
>> it, he
>> will get:
>>  ===>  bind99-9.9.6P1_3 REPLACE_BASE is no longer supported.
>> The end-user can then get another clue and maybe unselect it.
> Maybe you're right but, to perhaps better illustrate the point, you would
> never see something like this in Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat, or SuSE.

I agree but lets back out just a bit.  This fundamentally sound pkg
infrastructure is very new to FreeBSD, and it completely rocks.  As
much as I grit my teeth over certain road bumps I have to acknowledge
that local customizable binary repos... well that's fantastic.

But that's the infrastructure.  People take time to learn what having
such an infrastructure really means in terms of the expectations of
developers looking toward users, and users looking into packages (and
not necessarily caring if a developer even exists).

It took a very long time for those linux distros to get their pkg
upgrade process as smooth as it is now, and a large part of that time
was spent acculterating the individual pkg maintainers (an evolving
population) into the idea that an installed pkg should continue to
"just work" if it already does.  If it can't continue to "just work",
then there are lots of handholding instructions suitable for very
stupid people generally provided, as barriers, during the upgrade
process.  All that extra packaging effort is devoted by far to the
clueless (sometimes willfully clueless) fraction of the luser base.
It's apparent that the FreeBSD community in the main does not have
that mentality now.  It's part of the attraction, to be clear, myself
included.  But now with superb package management capabilities in
place, I think we will see, over a decade or so, the same sort of
smoothness that the best linux distros display gradually emerge in
FreeBSD.  Craig R is a hero here.

In the meantime I'm going to be trying harder to cut the pkg
maintainers more slack.  It's a sometimes hard, mostly thankless job
that is absolutely crucial.


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