Mathieu Arnold mat at
Wed Jan 14 00:33:46 UTC 2015

+--On 13 janvier 2015 15:39:47 -0800 Roger Marquis <marquis at>
| Mathieu Arnold wrote:
|> Would you rather the port installing BIND in /usr/local without telling
|> you anything, silently breaking your installation completely ?
| Certainly not but it's unprofessional to present the end-user with a
| dialog option that can be selected only to subsequently inform them that
| the option is deprecated.  It might take a little programming but the
| error message printed when one port would overwrite files installed by
| another would, IMO, be better i.e., recommending removal of the conflict
| before installation.

The dialog option you talk about says:

   [ ] REPLACE_BASE    EOL, no longer supported

I'm quite sure the end-user you're talking about can get a clue from it,
and if he either already had selected it before, or he just selected it, he
will get:

  ===>  bind99-9.9.6P1_3 REPLACE_BASE is no longer supported.

The end-user can then get another clue and maybe unselect it.


Mathieu Arnold

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