sysutils/bbcp: Anyone interesting in helping upgrade this port?

Freddie Cash fjwcash at
Tue Jan 13 18:43:16 UTC 2015

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Chris H <bsd-lists at> wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Jan 2015 10:08:05 -0800 Freddie Cash <fjwcash at> wrote
> > Good morning,
> >
> > With the requirement for the NONE cipher in OpenSSH requiring a custom
> > compile of the world or a custom compile of the openssh-portable port
> (all
> > my production servers are binary-package-only now), I've started using
> bbcp
> > instead of "zfs send" over SSH.  And looking at using bbcp instead of
> rsync
> > over SSH for another system (transfer speed is more important than
> > encrypting the data as the transfer is done over a very local LAN link).
> >
> > The bbcp port is version 20120520; the latest version available is
> > 20140902.  There have been several new features added over the past 2
> years
> > that make it (at least on paper) a decent rsync replacement for our uses.
> >
> > Is there anyone interested in bringing this port up-to-date.  I had a
> quick
> > look, but it requires some C hacking that's beyond my skills.  :(  I've
> > only tried compiling it with clang, which gives lots of errors.  Haven't
> > tried with gcc, though.

> I just had a look. Looks interesting. I can't foresee any issue
> moving it ahead. But before I step up, and say "I'll take it".
> Have you contacted the maintainer? I don't want to step on any toes. :)
> ​Well, now I feel sheepish.

I was looking at the page for it and just saw
portmgr-related commits to the port and assumed it was maintained by
"freebsd-ports" (aka not maintained).  I completely missed the little
"Maintainer" line at the top.  :(

I've CC'd the port Maintainer to bring them into the loop.​

​[Being a past port maintainer, I really should know better.]​

Freddie Cash
fjwcash at

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