sysutils/bbcp: Anyone interesting in helping upgrade this port?

Freddie Cash fjwcash at
Tue Jan 13 18:08:06 UTC 2015

Good morning,

With the requirement for the NONE cipher in OpenSSH requiring a custom
compile of the world or a custom compile of the openssh-portable port (all
my production servers are binary-package-only now), I've started using bbcp
instead of "zfs send" over SSH.  And looking at using bbcp instead of rsync
over SSH for another system (transfer speed is more important than
encrypting the data as the transfer is done over a very local LAN link).

The bbcp port is version 20120520; the latest version available is
20140902.  There have been several new features added over the past 2 years
that make it (at least on paper) a decent rsync replacement for our uses.

Is there anyone interested in bringing this port up-to-date.  I had a quick
look, but it requires some C hacking that's beyond my skills.  :(  I've
only tried compiling it with clang, which gives lots of errors.  Haven't
tried with gcc, though.

I have 3 FreeBSD 9.3 systems that transfer data to a 4th FreeBSD 9.3 system
using "zfs send" over bbcp that can be used for testing things.  As well as
a Debian 7.0 box that can be tested for pulling data off a FreeBSD system.

I'd prefer to not install the ports tree on any of the production systems,
but I could spin up a KVM-based VM if needed.

Freddie Cash
fjwcash at

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