Roger Marquis marquis at
Tue Jan 13 16:33:20 UTC 2015

Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> I'm only going to answer that part, the rest of the thread being, I feel,
> mostly FUD.
> ...
> The BIND ports were in such a miserable way, with kludges everywhere, when
> I took over that it took me some time to get them right.

I wish people wouldn't make statements like this.  The thread has been
informative in many ways and clearly not FUD.  I also wish people would
not insult previous base and port maintainers by labelling their work
buggy or kludgy.  All code has bugs.  Even having a REPLACE_BASE that
only prints "REPLACE_BASE is no longer supported" can be considered a
bug.  Having two identically named binaries on a system that differ only
by path and version can also be considered a kludge (not to mention a
security issue).

While I'm not personally impacted by the bind port's deprecation of
REPLACE_BASE clearly others are.  As Doug pointed out this option has
been around for well over a decade and like other ports with a
REPLACE_BASE option has saved FreeBSD admins a lot of work in
cross-platform environments.

One question while we're on the topic of deprecations, has 'make pkg ||
make package' been deprecated in favor of poudriere?


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