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Tue Jan 13 15:46:32 UTC 2015

On 01/13/15 15:24, Patrick Powell wrote:
> On 01/12/15 11:46, Chris H wrote:
>>> My main complaint with pkg is the persistent misunderstanding that
>>> binary packages are a direct replacement for ports.
>> I'd be inclined to agree here.

The aim with pkg(8) in this regard was to make it possible to maintain a
machine using only binary packages.  Something that it has succeeded at,
given the proviso that you have access to a repo with all the
customizations you need available.  If the default options don't cut it
for you, in order to use only binary packages that means you need to run
your own poudriere setup -- which is well worth it if you're managing
several machines / jails etc.  You don't need a ports tree on every
single machine, and the length of your intervention on a production
server is pretty much as long as 'pkg upgrade' takes to run, which is
much quicker and less intrusive than running builds locally.

However, while pkg(8) now has the right mechanics to maintain a machine
with binaries only, the ports tree is still (despite all the work that
has been going into it recently) not yet set up to support doing that
very effectively.  In essence, we'd need to be building several
different 'flavours' for certain packages, along with various other
enhancements like sub-packages and PROVIDES/REQUIRES style dependencies.

Note that *none* of this is going to impede building stuff straight out
of ports in the time honoured fashion.  That simply is not on the pkg(8)

> There are some ports that almost demand a local version - apr (Apache
> Portability Library) being one of them.
> Currently,  I am locking 'apr' so that pkg upgrade does not clobber
> apr,  and this has worked so far.
> Just an observation.

Yes, absolutely.  The configurability with the ports tree is one of it's
major benefits, and yet also a significant hindrance in many circumstances.



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