Mathieu Arnold mat at
Tue Jan 13 15:12:39 UTC 2015

I'm only going to answer that part, the rest of the thread being, I feel,
mostly FUD.

+--On 10 janvier 2015 21:25:11 -0600 The BSD Dreamer <beastie at>
| Count the
| PORTREVISIONs to bind before 9.9.4 and after.  Plus look at all the other
| annoying changes in those PORTREVISIONs without that things have been
| working fine for the rest of us before.

Yes, let's say there are two kinds of maintainers, those who keep the bugs
they find in the port until there is a new release to an absolute minimum
so that people are not scared of the number of changes, and there are
those, like me, that would rather have a dozen updates between releases,
each addressing a bug when it arises.

The BIND ports were in such a miserable way, with kludges everywhere, when
I took over that it took me some time to get them right.

Mathieu Arnold

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