getpatch scripit rewroted in plain shell

Rodrigo Osorio rodrigo at
Tue Jan 13 13:53:02 UTC 2015

Hi ports :)

For a long time, I was missing some features in the exising getpatch script
( svn repo Tools/scripts/getpatch) and since I'm not a py fan boy, I rewrote
the tool in plain shell. This is its storry....

The new features are :
 - use the bug id as a directory to store the attachements inside (can be turned off)
 - decide if you want or not obsolete patches (by default is no)
 - an env variable to define where attachements are stored (by default ./) 
 - be verbose
 - only uses tools from  base

example :
rodrigo at scotty % printenv GETPATCH_DIR

rodrigo at scotty % getpatch 191840
Bug ID: 191840
 + att-144615: pidgin-gnome-keyring.tar.gz is obsolete, skip
 + att-144641: pidgin-gnome-keyring.tar.gz download success
 + att-144642: pidgin-gnome-keyring-1.20_1.txz download success
 >> Patches stored in /usr/home/rodrigo/patches/191840

The code is here :

Suggestions and comments are wellcomed

- rodrigo

PS: There are room for improvements, I know. Bugzilla request can be reduced to
    a single one but this leads to xml and b64 management in shell, and it sounds 
    a little bit insane to me... 

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