poudriere: reduce the number of rebuilt packages?

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at gmx.net
Mon Jan 12 18:19:36 UTC 2015

On 12.01.2015 18:45, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> Hi!
>> The option -S (Don't recrusively rebuild packages affected by other
>> packages requiring incremental rebuild) looked promising. But automatic
>> packages are not always rebuilt and I've also encountered build
>> problems.
> I'll try this option now and would appreciate if you could describe
> the problems you had with it. Details help.

Not all ports with new versions were rebuilt. That is kind of expected 
if there's no recursive rebuild.

As a workaround I simply passed the output of "pkg query %o" to 
poudriere bulk -f. Now poudriere tried to build only the packages with 
newer versions - just as desired.

But then there were build errors for some packages.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the log files. But I think the problem 
was something like this:

A --depends on--> B --depends on--> C

* B was built depending on C version x
* C is upgraded from version x to version y
* rebuild of A is requested
* poudriere tries to install B version x during build
* installation of B fails because version x of C is not longer available

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