poudriere: reduce the number of rebuilt packages?

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at gmx.net
Mon Jan 12 16:59:46 UTC 2015

On 12.01.2015 01:27, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> +--On 4 janvier 2015 18:24:24 +0100 Stefan Ehmann <shoesoft at gmx.net> wrote:
> | On 02.01.2015 12:03, Stefan Ehmann wrote:
> |> I've recently switched from portmaster to poudriere/'pkg upgrade' to
> |> manage my port updates. Basically it works fine, but incremental builds
> |> don't quite work as I expected.
> |>
> |> poudriere rebuilds all packages if any dependency has changed. If there
> |> are only some ports with new versions, possibly hundreds of packages are
> |> rebuilt. So far it looks like I'll end up rebuilding packages like
> |> libreoffice/KDE/chromium several times a week. The rebuilt packages
> |> won't even be installed by 'pkg upgrade' because their version number
> |> has not changed.
> |
> | Here's an actual example from today.
> |
> | There are new versions for three ports. poudriere will rebuild 70 ports,
> | 67 of them will never be installed on the host.
> You can't know that.
> Say there is a shlib change in one of the updated packages, its version is
> bumped, or there is a new dependency, you need to rebuild the 67 ports, and
> pkg will detect and reinstall them.

I remember one instance where a library change was detected (Can't 
remember which package was affected). The package was re-installed 
although the version number did not change.

But like 99% of the time packages without version bump will not be 
installed. One could argue that the version number should have been 
bumped in the other case.

I understand that conservative rebuilding is important for the official 
pkg repo.

But it would be nice to have a poudriere option to avoid rebuilds of 
ports without version bumps. If something should go horribly wrong every 
now and then, you can still fall back to the default rebuild behavior.

I think it should be possibly provided that port versions are bumped 
correctly. But maybe I'm wrong.

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