Opera, still functional, 'one cannot make new configs' etc since v9 > v10

Jeffrey Bouquet jeffreybouquet at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 12:15:08 UTC 2015

II can browser fine with Opera still [mostly] but cannot interact with its dialog. ONLY the lowercase 'a' [and uppercase E] show. For instance, the 'graphics' button (on off toggle) has [ a ] and the 'open in background tab' is [ _ a a ] ...  

 So the prompts and browser action are only by 'what the 'a'
 probably resolves to...

 Even the "about:config" choices are a bunch of 'a' and no other text nor numeric values visibly selected, though the items to choose are in another font and are visible. 

 I rebuilt it with/without qt4, gtk2, and the problem persists. NO menu nor 'preferences' choices to speak of that are a change from what used to be. 
And also practicaly reinstalled, some multiple times, each of its dependencies that are listed in ports through the make commands.

 This happened once before,. And was fixed by some random crash and restore...

Some menu option?
font setup?

A new install is missing an so file
cp -iv  /usr/local/lib/freetype.so.6 /usr/local/lib/compat/libfreetype.so.9  fixes that...

Thanks for anyone knowing any probable fix.

J. Bouquet

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