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Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Jan 11 12:07:00 UTC 2015


> There are several ports related to bibtex:

Clearly, that was too much:

grep ^bib INDEX-10 | tr '|' ' ' | while read p pp j; do    echo $p $pp; done


bibtexconv-1.0.0 /usr/ports/converters/bibtexconv
bibcursed-2.0.1 /usr/ports/print/bibcursed
biblio-py-0.6.1 /usr/ports/print/biblio-py
bibview-2.2_2 /usr/ports/print/bibview
bib2html-5.1.1_1 /usr/ports/textproc/bib2html
bibtex2html-1.98_1 /usr/ports/textproc/bibtex2html
bibtool-2.48_5 /usr/ports/textproc/bibtool
bibutils-5.0 /usr/ports/textproc/bibutils

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