liquidsoap: The audio stream generator of the Savonet project

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sat Jan 10 14:08:22 UTC 2015


> I have recently learned that this software was removed from the
> audio/liquidsoap ports tree in FreeBSD due to not being staged. Is
> possible it could be staged and reintroduced to the ports tree? The
> main reason behind this is to be able to run Airtime (a broadcasting
> software and control panel) on FreeBSD. Would it be possible that
> could be introduced into ports even?  I look forward to your response.

I'm having a look at it.

1.0.0 from 2011 was in the ports. 1.1.1 from 2013 is the latest.

It needs shine,, which
is not yet ported.

So it's not trivial to bring it back. Any help would be useful.

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