gnupg-2.1 -> 2.1 appears to break decryption of saved messages

Matt Smith fbsd at
Wed Jan 7 15:20:04 UTC 2015

On Jan 07 07:49, Corey Halpin wrote:
>On 2014-11-20, David Wolfskill wrote:
>> It has been my practice for several years to email sensitive information
>> (such as passwords) to myself via envrypted email, using mutt and GPG.
>> [...]
>> Then, a few minutes ago, I tried to retrieve a password from one of my
>> saved encrypted messages... only to be informed "Could not copy
>> message".
>  I also enjoyed some friction trying to use gnupg 2.1 with mutt,
>though I didn't get the "Could not copy message" error that you
>  Instead I was seeing 'no secret key'.  In my case, this was resolved
>by following the advice at
> .
>  Namely:
>  echo allow-loopback-pinentry >> ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
>  and editing my copy of mutt's gpg.rc to add '--pinentry-mode
>loopback' to every gpg invocation involving a passphrase-fd.
>  After that, things were back to normal for me.
>  Hopefully this helps others avoid the same problem.

I also had exactly the same problems, not only with mutt but with 
duplicity. I figured out how to fix it from the same site you found.  
This is very useful information which should have really been in the gpg 
release notes. However I also found that with this new version of gpg 
there is a better way to fix it. If you install the security/gpgme port 
then you don't need any of the gpg.rc stuff at all. You can replace it 
all with a single line of configuration "set crypt_use_gpgme=yes".

Then it uses a much more sane internal API or something rather than 
parsing external commands.


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