Searchable database (grok) for ports package lists

John Marino at
Wed Jan 7 14:02:54 UTC 2015

A DragonFly developer (Antonio Huete, aka tuxillo) has added dports
package lists to our grok application several weeks ago:

As most of you know, a large percentage of ports have their package
lists automatically generated, so you can't reliably grep for installed
files in the ports tree.  Moreover, pkg-plist contains %% variables.
However, this grok database is rebuilt periodically from generated
dports packages, so they represent all the files and directories
available in dports.

This is a resource that will likely be useful to FreeBSD ports
developers, thus the reason for this post.  It should be noted the
repository is limited to ports that build on DragonFly.  Notably this
excludes all linux packages, fuse packages, BROKEN ports, and about 1300
ports that have never built on DragonFly.

Until such a time FreeBSD has a similar resource for reliably searching
package list, please feel free to bookmark the DragonFly Grok page and
use this one.


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