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Michelle Sullivan michelle at
Tue Jan 6 01:29:38 UTC 2015

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Mikhail T. wrote:
> Hello!
> A prominent committer stated today
> <>:

Well that explains what happened to my builds... and I know of currently
installed, currently deploying production systems that are still on
5.8.. no wonder they are staying on linux... Good job I've been
upgrading to 5.16 after thorough testing that'll last a while... oh
wait... :/

One does have to question though if someone has perl 5.unsupported on a
system they cannot build packages for it.. assuming the base package
requirements are present... or is this just another extension of EOL =
It won't work after this point, and instead of slow moving systems like
Debian where you can wait months for a patch FreeBSD is going to the
other extreme where sysadmins and developers can't get to a stable build
system because everything is moving too fast to stay supported?

NOTE: I am not against having perl 5.16, .18 and .20 as the only
*supported* versions but there are many systems out there running all
sorts of versions because they still work... and indeed the systems that
I speak of above (but won't identify) *cannot* currently run on 5.10 or
above because of performance issues... not to mention that Perl 5.8 is
still rooted deeply in other supported platforms (non BSD) so if you
want people to come to FreeBSD you should really not break stuff that
should work even if it is not supported...  Am I wrong in thinking that
a system with 5.10 installed and the package local to it will not build
working perl modules?  (assuming it's not blacklisted out like it is
currently by not retaining them in Uses/

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Michelle Sullivan

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