cannot build www/webkit-gtk2 (Per olof Ljungmark)

Amit Sengupta sengupta.amit at
Mon Jan 5 16:34:12 UTC 2015

I spent 3-4 days trying to build the webkit-gtk2 port on 10.1 RELEASE. I
kept getting a linker error and I tried every solution I could find about
it, including trying to change the compiler to use gcc instead of CLANG and
making a change in the Makefile etc.

Finally I had a look at the symbols which were generating a linker error
and I realised they were all to do with 3d graphics. I was not selecting
the WebGL Option in make config and it was still trying to link those
routines. So I chose WebGL in make config and the linker didnt fail and I
was able to finally build the port. Hope this helps others who are stuck
with webkit-gtk2

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