FreeBSD Port: qt5-webkit-5.3.2_2

Will Brokenbourgh will_brokenbourgh at
Thu Jan 1 21:29:35 UTC 2015

Dear Maintainers,

Happy New Year!

Browsers such as QupZilla and Rekonq use Qt5-Webkit for their 

There are websites that use WOFF (Web Open Font Format) however 
FreeBSD's Qt5-Webkit package appears to have an issue, which causes the 
websites to not display text at all.

Please see the notice message below, which is displayed on the 
command-line when sites using WOFF are loaded:

 > WOFF support requires QtWebKit to be built with zlib support.
 > platform/graphics/qt/FontCustomPlatformDataQt.cpp:60, 
 > *WebCore::createFontCustomPlatformData(WebCore::SharedBuffer *))

Is it difficult or impossible to enable zlib support?  I would really 
like to use QupZilla with sites such as which currently 
doesn't work because of this issue.

Thank you for your time !


Will Brokenbourgh

[ Send from my FreeBSD desktop ]

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