Is Gnome3 *officially* supported?

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Fri Feb 27 20:02:42 UTC 2015

Chris H wrote on 02/27/2015 19:58:
> I ask, because I installed x11/gnome3-lite, which
> also provided gnome-shell. But looking to best
> utilize it in FreeBSD led me the the FreeBSD
> Gnome page (
> which only speaks of Gnome2. A trip to the
> FreeBSD wiki only left me with Gnome2 info,
> as well. Are there any FreeBSD Gnome3 desktop
> resources? Or is Gnome3 still not *officially*
> supported, and I'm just a lab rat/guinea pig for
> Gnome3 on FreeBSD?

I am running GNOME 3.14 on my PC-BSD desktop (FreeBSD 10.1). It has some 
rough edges here and there, but overall is working fine. 3.14 is more 
responsive than 3.12, but some of my old tweaks doesn't work any more 
(some keyboard shortcuts for example)

GNOME on PC-BSD should be the same version from FreeBSD ports.

Miroslav Lachman

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