squid 3.5 plans

John Marino freebsd.contact at marino.st
Fri Feb 27 16:11:39 UTC 2015

Hi Pavel,
When we had 3 unmaintained squid ports, the idea was the get down to
one, www/squid.  The only reason www/squid33 is still in ports is
because you requested an extension on it's removal due to the FreeBSD
10.1 RC issues.

I personally don't want to see that contraction reversed.  Upstream
immediately EOL's the previous version, so we should too.  when squid
3.5 is ready, it should go to www/squid.

As far as we know, this is the intent of upstream
The last thing I want to do is create new unmaintained ports (which is
not even allowed anyway, all new ports must have a legit maintainer)

So I would say, do extensive testing on 3.5 and verify it replaces 3.4
without issues, then we'll do that.  It's still amazing to me how many
people use squid yet nobody wants to maintain it.


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