PHP 5.6 is default. What do lang/php5 users do?

Henrik Hudson lists at
Thu Feb 26 00:21:46 UTC 2015

On Wed, 25 Feb 2015, Alex Dupre wrote:

> Mike Brown ha scritto:
> >  From looking at the commits,[1] it seems that if I didn't have lang/php5
> > (5.4) installed, and then I installed something that requires PHP, I'd get
> > lang/php56. Is that right?
> Yes.
> > But since I do have lang/php5 installed, upgrading with 'portmaster php5' will
> > just get me 5.4.38, not 5.6.
> Correct.
> > So should I install lang/php56 myself now,
> If you like.
> > or is it expected that lang/php5
> > will eventually become 5.6 and I should just wait,
> No.
> > or what?
> You may also stay with php 5.4, it's your call.

FreeBSD won't version bump for you for most major ports. However,
that's up to the port maintainers. Since you're using portmaster and
ports vs. just binary packages via pkg the default version won't
change if a version is already installed.

If you want 5.6, then uninstall php5 and install php56, updating any
necessary apache / nginx and/or php.conf configs. It's also helpful
to set your make.conf USE=php=5.6 variable if you're doing port

note: don't quote me on the exact make.conf syntax, it might be
USE=php56 or USE=php=56 .


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