Openldap24-server not building with ODBC support

Mattia Rossi mattia.rossi.mate at
Sun Feb 22 17:00:54 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Using CLANG I can't compile openldap24-server with ODBC support.

The error has been described here as well:

I found a two problems connected with it:
1) If I select ODBC (SQL Backend) the port does not automatically add 
databases/libiodbc as dependency which in my opinion it should
2) The openldap port has a problem, as it's not using -L/usr/local/lib 
in it's linker path, and thus it fails the moment it's looking for -liodbc

The workaround at the moment is, to compile the port as far as it goes, 
and when it fails, cd into the working directory and re-run the last 
command adding -L/usr/local/lib before -liodbc. Then rerun make in the 
port directory without cleaning (or portmaster -C net/openldap24-server)

Please fix the issue though.



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