mail/claws-mail: freezes when using mail/claws-mail-rssyl

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Sat Feb 21 15:01:14 UTC 2015

This problem is caused by xml file corruption. I had over 4000 lines of "<folder type="rssyl" sort="0" collapsed="0" name="My Feeds" />" in my folderlist.xml

I solved this problem by:
1. Move these elsewhere: ~/.claws-mail/RSSly, ~/.claws-mail/tagsdb/#rssly
2. Backup ~/.claws-mail/folderlist.xml and ~/.claws-mail/folderitemrc
3. Edit ~/.claws-mail/folderitemrc and remove entries following [#rssly] and save
4. Edit ~/.claws-mail/folderlist.xml you should see lines like:
"<folder type="rssyl" sort="0" collapsed="0" name="My Feeds" />"
Remove all of those.
5. Start Claws in offline mode (claws-mail --offline), then re-enable the rssly plugin. You might see the old rss folders come up, but the app will not freeze and will allow you to delete them all. Close the app.
6. I f you saw more than one "My Feeds" folder, re-edit the folderlist.xml file and look for multiple entries of "My Feeds". Delete all but the one you prefer (by folder order).
7. Restart claws and add your old feeds. Names of feeds are in the backed-up files in step #2.


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