introducing myself + 3 new ports www/h2o net-mgmt/riemann net-p2p/swift

Dave Cottlehuber dch at
Tue Feb 10 15:46:18 UTC 2015

Hi BSDers

By way of introduction,  I've been quietly running FreeBSD on my server
a couple of
years now, and am hoping any day for being able to run it on my laptop

I'm primarily an Erlang/OTP developer, incl committer for Apache
CouchDB, mainly working
on a not-yet-working Erlang implementation
of the PPSP protocol[6].

I've done 3 ports recently and would love some further input on what I
missed / could fix.

Riemann: Java/Clojure-based event & monitoring system

h2o: HTTP/2 server implementation in C
the project kindly made some changes to close down cleanly on FreeBSD

swift: a LPGL C++ based implementation of the PPSP protocol
No port submission for this as I'm waiting on upstream to commit some
build fixes and tag the repo.

All code is up at

Thank bapt@, xmj@ who have helped me out on IRC with poudriere and
porting tips & questions.

  Dave Cottlehuber
  Sent from my Couch

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