Fund a FreeBSD manager maybe ? Was: BIND REPLACE_BASE option

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sat Feb 7 04:17:53 UTC 2015

Michelle Sullivan wrote: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 13:30:59 +0100
> Matt Smith wrote:
> > On Jan 14 12:15, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
> >>
> >> Well, like I said, REPLACE_BASE was an abomination that should never
> >> have
> >> existed, now that it's gone, it'll never get back, and you'll never
> >> see it
> >> again.
> >>
> >
> > Doug Barton who used to maintain BIND in both the base system and the
> > port used to always say that the version in the base system was only
> > designed to be used as a local resolver on a laptop/desktop. If it was
> > used as a proper DNS server the port version was meant to be used
> > instead. Based on this it makes perfect sense why BIND was replaced
> > with local Unbound in the base, and the ports system still has BIND
> > for people that were using it.
> Was this ever documented? (I've been using bind in base for servers for
> many years and this is the first time I've heard of it - and it is
> unlikely I'm the only one.)

Agreed, Ditto.  In 'man named' on 9.2-RELEASE there's no:
	For local resolver only. Will be deleted on release 9.3.
	Migrate to ports/dns/bind9[689]

About the same time, working ports demime & majordomo also got
butchered, delaying me;  deletions delayed that person late leaving
work who also mentioned nslookup & asked approx: "~Will it ever end ?~.

No. Unscheduled removals won't stop, unless FreeBSD gets a manager
to enforce proper warning schedules & discipline code butchers who
have intermittently damaged FreeBSD for years.  Many people hosting
FreeBSD dont have time to waste tracking many lists in case 
butchers delete code.  Un-warned deletions are Un-professional.

Labelling someone a manager is easy;  getting a good manager is
harder; one tough enough to suspend commiters (inc. perhaps friends)
yet harder; one effective without the range of carrots & sticks
available for paid employees, yet harder, & we'd hope that manager
be unpaid too ?  That reliable miracle hasn't happened yet.
Too much code has been deleted un-warned between releases.

Maybe the FreeBSD Foundation could fund a part time Change Warning Manager:
  - To impose regular unilateral 30/90 day suspensions on commiters,
    without need of consuming core debate.
  - To implement SVN reversals of suspended commiters.
  - Not allowed to commit own stuff, just notices scheduling later changes,
  - Subject to being dismissed by a 2/3 vote of core.

It would make FreeBSD more professional & dependable, & benefit
user businesses who could consider with core at & how they might contribute
to & shape such a function.

Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix C Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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