Hotfix and unbreak update that need to be commited

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Fri Feb 6 20:38:18 UTC 2015


> Could any commiter take care of
> that updates devel/visualparadigm with a hotfix just released by the
> upstream project?

I'm testing it right now.

> Please note that there was a previous yet-to-be-commited bug report
> ( that is
> subdued by the one above.

So I've closed that older PR as it's superseded by the newer PR.

> And if the commiter is kind enough to take care of
> that updates


> graphics/opennurbs since it seems to break cad/qcad
> ( due to a
> nasty zlib miss interaction, it would be really appreciated :)

Closed 187506 as resolved. I did not do run-tests, as I have no
pratical experience with those programs, but if its broken,
please open a new PR.

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