Selecting at least one option out of multiple groups

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Sun Feb 1 06:55:37 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 3:31 AM, Elizabeth Myers
<elizabeth at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am porting a piece of software (purple-plugin-pack) to FreeBSD. It
> contains numerous plugins for Pidgin all under one pack (over 50). They

Is this going to be one port that installs over 50 plugins (based on
what is selected), or is it going to be over 50+1 ports?

+1 port (pidgin-purple-plugin-pack) [meta-port (see x11/kde4 for an example)]
 - allows you to select which purple plugins to install (depends on
selected pidgin-purple-plugin-* ports)

over 50 ports
 - individual port for each plugin (i.e.
 - allows individual plugins to be installed/de-installed without
having to re-install the purple-plugin-pack

Note: you could also drop the -purple-plugin from the individual port
names (i.e. graphics/pidgin-album).  Just identify that the plugin is
from the purple-plugin pack in the pkg-descr file for each port.

> all compile, but I want to make it configurable which plugins are
> installed, but it makes no sense unless at least one plugin is set. So
> far I have the following:
> 8<========== snip ==========>8
> OPTIONS_MULTI=    plugins
> BIT \ ...
> 8<========== snip ==========>8
> Which is fine and works as expected (at least one option must be
> selected). However, here is my dilemma. Some of the plugins provide
> additional protocols. I'd like to group them under their own section,
> since there's at least 5 or so, and it's logical for those who just want
> additional protocols without the other fluff.

If you go the over 50+1 ports route, each port could have it's own
option settings.


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