[HEADS-UP] switching default Perl to 5.22

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Mon Aug 31 23:58:47 UTC 2015

Patrick Powell wrote:
> Ummm... Guilty as charged.  The only reason I updated to 5.20 was that
> the pkg repository changed.
> However,   I think that making 5.22 the default before fixing up (for
> me at least) some issues with
> modperl support might be a bit premature.
> Just for my information,  and because I just know you will laugh and
> you need some amusement:
> Where and what do you stick 'USE_PERL=XXXX'?  /etc/make.conf?
> I don't mind trying to compile the modules I use and see if they work.
I have these...  IIRC the first is the correct way to do it, and the
second is legacy that may not have any effect now.

DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=apache=2.4 perl5=5.16 pgsql=9.4

Michelle Sullivan

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