FreeBSD Port: nvidia-driver for geforce 9500 GT

tom oakes eoakes at
Sat Aug 29 20:52:40 UTC 2015

I recently installed FreeBSD 10.2 on a computer with a Geforce 9500 GT.  
The nvidia archive site says that the nvidia-driver-340-340.76 and the 
nvidia-driver-304-304.125 should work. When I try to make the port for 
either of these, I get an error "This driver does not support FreeBSD 
10.xx/-current" There are then more error messages.

I have downloaded 319.xx, that I use successfully on the same computer, 
with FreeBSD 9.1 or FreeBSD 8.3. This driver also gives the same error 

Is there a nvidia driver that will make on FreeBSD 10.2 and support the 
geforce 9500 GT. If not do you know how soon one might be available.

I have found no information about this on the FreeBSD Forum.

With no xorg.conf  windows open with a  default window manager, but both 
monitors show the same screen. I assume that X windows is using a vesa 
or some other default driver.

Thanks for any help you can give me,

Tom Oakes

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