[HEADS-UP] switching default Perl to 5.22

Mathieu Arnold mat at FreeBSD.org
Fri Aug 28 16:16:30 UTC 2015

+--On 28 août 2015 19:11:21 +0300 Konstantin Belousov
<kostikbel at gmail.com> wrote:
| Previous policy, even if informal, was to wait for 5.xx.1 before bringing
| the port to the tree.  May be, we should wait for xx.1 before switching
| the default port, at least ?

The previous policy was "oh shit, our default version is not supported any
more, let's try and see how it goes with the version that will not be
supported after this year."

I've been bumping default Perl versions every six months for a long time so
that we could catch up.

Also, if everyone waits for the .1 release before using it, there will
never be a .1 release.

Mathieu Arnold
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