[HEADS-UP] switching default Perl to 5.22

Mathieu Arnold mat at FreeBSD.org
Fri Aug 28 15:16:07 UTC 2015

+--On 28 août 2015 17:13:34 +0200 Kurt Jaeger <lists at opsec.eu> wrote:
| Hi!
|> |> In one or two weeks, I'll be switching the default Perl version to
|> |> 5.22, and from now on, the new Perl will be added at the end of May
|> |> when released, and switched to at the beginning of September.
|> | 
|> | mod_perl is still broken with 5.22. Which is very sad. So maybe
|> | it's premature to switch the default ?
|> But, it was building when I added Perl 5.22 in May, when did it break ?
| ohauer marked it broken on the 9th of June.

Oh, maybe it did not work and I told myself "never mind, mod_perl never
works anyway"

Mathieu Arnold
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