please merge www/speedtest-mini quarterly

Koichiro IWAO meta at
Fri Aug 28 06:49:09 UTC 2015

> It's done now (r395451), thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for your quick response.

> Is there any specific reason that the upstream are not willing to use
> versioned distfiles?  It could be challenging for those who have never
> installed this to figure out what have been changed, etc.
> Cheers,

They don't disclose the reason not to use versioned distfile.
I also suffer distfile is not versioned but we still have to make an
ad hoc patch.

They just say:
> Ookla Speedtest Mini application is offered "as is," free of charge and
> without any support. Ookla will introduce new features to it every so 
> often.
> This may mean that you will need to download it again periodically.
> It is up to you to keep the application updated.

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