Problems with mail/postfix-policyd-weight

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Thu Aug 20 03:18:30 UTC 2015

Yesterday I upgraded my mail server from 8.4-RELEASE to 10.2-RELEASE. 
After a major release, you must reinstall all ports, so I did.

Immediately afterwards I began getting errors from policyd-weight.

postfix/policyd-weight[17305]: warning: child: err: Undefined subroutine 
&Net::DNS::Packet::dn_expand called at /usr/local/bin/policyd-weight line 
3589, <GEN37> line 26.

I uninstalled and reinstalled both mail/postfix-policyd-weight and 
dns/p5-Net-DNS to no avail.  Googling shows that this was a problem that 
cropped up in June, 2014 but was resolved with 0.1.14 beta.  The ports 
version is

The notes say not to use Net::DNS 0.54.  The ports version is 1.01.

So what's going on here?  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Have a 
solution?  Right now policyd-weight is uninstalled until I can resolve this 

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