Running ''portmaster ghostscript9-9.06_10'' takes a lot of time

Henk van Oers henk at
Thu Aug 20 01:23:39 UTC 2015

> +--On 19 aot 2015 11:51:07 +0200 Luca Pizzamiglio
> <luca.pizzamiglio at> wrote:
> | Hi Henk,
> | same here.
> |
> | make -V PKGNAME in ghostscript9 takes a huge amount of time.
> | BTW, every make in ghostscript* takes a lot of time.
> |
> | I've no idea why.

> Because it stupidly has a gazillions options.  Someone should reduce that
> to 3 or 4.

I blame some stupid /usr/ports/Mk change.
Last week it took ''portmaster -a'' less then a minute
to say what to do. Now it takes an hour or so...  :(

OTOH I do not want to use ghostscript !

I'll reconfig ImageMagick-,1
That's the one that pulled it in.


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