Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKs

Stefan Bethke stb at lassitu.de
Tue Aug 18 13:01:36 UTC 2015

> Am 18.08.2015 um 14:37 schrieb Ports Index build <indexbuild at FreeBSD.org>:
> The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
> LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
> PKGNAME, e.g. by using PKGNAMESUFFIX.  Note that NO_LATEST_LINK is
> deprecated.  See the portmgr blog post for more information:
> http://blogs.freebsdish.org/portmgr/2013/10/03/package-name-collisions/
> devel/firmware-utils stb at assitu.de                                      
> graphics/pngnq       stb at lassitu.de                                     
> mail/roundcube-sauserprefs stb at lassitu.de                                     
> mail/squirrelmail-login_auth-plugin stb at lassitu.de                                     
> science/py-ws2300    stb at lassitu.de                                     
> www/ttf2eot          stb at lassitu.de    

I’m trying to make sense of this, but having trouble.  What exactly is the problem with these ports?  None of the ports use LATEST_LINK, I believe the package names are unique, and there’s no multiple ports for these that only differ in the version number.


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