Perl 5.20 breaks /usr/bin/perl

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Sat Aug 15 19:59:11 UTC 2015

+--On 15 août 2015 21:51:36 +0200 Xavier <xavier at> wrote:
| Hi,
| Wondering why nobody does report it yet.
| I noticed a couple weeks ago, an confirmed today on another computer,
| that :
| portupgrade -o lang/perl5.20 lang/perl5.18
| removes the symlink in /usr/bin, and doesn't recreate it, thus broking
| all perl scripts and programs.

Yes, it does not create a /usr/bin/perl symlink, starting with Perl 5.20.

If you still need one, and are not using some common shebang, like
/usr/local/bin/perl, which still works, or /usr/bin/env perl, which also
still works, create one yourself.

Cordialement, :-)

Mathieu Arnold
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