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Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Aug 9 11:20:32 UTC 2015


> Please note that I have submitted a patch, which updates Mono to 
> in Ports.
> The patch is available as a PR here, but has been left untouched for 
> quite a while:

It helps if you provide the output of

portlint -AC

and sucessful poudriere build logs. I normally test on 11amd64,
10.1a, 10.1i386 and 9.3a.

With this in the PR a committer sees if the submission was already tested.

> If there is no interest in maintaining this port, I am willing to put my 
> hand up to become the port maintainer going forward.

Currently, mono@ is listed as the maintainer. This should be
a group of folks maintaining the mono ports. According to

it's only one person:

Are you in contact with Romain ?

> We are still 
> working on finalising the porting effort of CoreCLR and Roslyn to 
> FreeBSD, and an up to date Mono is critical to make this possible.

Ok, got that. As Romain is the maintainer of the port, he needs
to approve PR 201883 -- and if he approves, you can become maintainer
of that port.

pi at            +49 171 3101372                         5 years to go !

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