Proposal: make portsnap generate INDEX-${OSREL:R} only by default

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Fri Aug 7 04:11:37 UTC 2015

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 5:19 PM, Xin Li <delphij at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently the default portsnap.conf would generate INDEX-11, INDEX-10
> and INDEX-9.  The INDEX file is only used for searching ports, and only
> one (INDEX-${OSREL:R}) file is actually used.
> Traditionally, we create all supported INDEX-* files by default, but the
> only users who would benefit from this default are the ones who shares
> ports tree across many systems that runs different FreeBSD releases.
>  And even in these scenario, it's likely that they would still want to
> tweak the configuration, as we may be creating more than needed INDEX-*
> files.
> So for simplicity and to reduce cycles wasted on everyone's system, I'd
> propose the attached change to head/'s portsnap.conf and similar changes
> to stable/9 and stable/10's portsnap.conf so that only INDEX-${OSREL:R}
> is created by default.  Users who want additional INDEX files can
> uncomment the corresponding lines.
> Any objections/concerns?  I'll commit the change if no objection is
> raised in a week.
> Cheers,
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> Xin LI <delphij at>
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Isn't rebuilding the index useful for people running STABLE? I assume that
I need a current index to get useful output from "pkg version -vL=". I am
probably a bit unusual in that I keep a current ports tre on a STABLE
system, but there are a couple of ports that I need to build due to custom
options and I find poudriere overkill for this case. I suspect many people
running STABLE may use portsnap and build everything from ports. (This use
to be common fairly recently and likely still is.)

Or, am I missing the obvious... something I seem to do too often these days.
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